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nim Eclipse Neurological Workstations / Axon / epoch XP

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Eclipse Neurological Workstations provide comprehensive neurological monitoring in the operating room and intensive care unit to accurately access your patient’s neurological status. Axon Systems’ neurological monitoring systems have a proven record of accurate and reliable performance. And now the Eclipse with 32 channels, transcranial Doppler, built-in fast charge, high output, transcranial electrical motor evoked potential (TCeMEP) stimulation, pulse oximeter and dual synchronized video recording and playback provide the missing elements to complete the neurological evaluation.


Key Specifications

  • Transcranial Doppler modality - Synchronous TCD and neurological recording and playback
  • Simultaneous 32 channel EP, EMG and EEG monitoring – Simultaneously assess multiple at risk structures
  • Import and trend vital signs – Compare systemic measures with neurological data
  • Dual synchronized video recording and playback. Display the surgeon’s microscope and OR view – Correlate neurological responses with surgical manipulations
  • Built-in fast charge (1000V @ 1 Amp) TCeMEP stimulation mode with double train – Test motor function without the need for costly, external stimulators
  • Two built in pulse oximeters- Monitor for leg ishemia. Display and trend oxygen saturation and heart rate
  • Automated pedicle screw integrity mode - speeds testing of pedicle screw postioning.
  • Simultaneous multiple site remote monitoring and review – Monitor and review remotely via network, internet or modem.
  • Resume monitoring on power or system failure with no data loss – Recover data after system or power failure.
  • Remote monitoring - View multiple OR sites in real-time
  • Comprehensive summary report - Include screen snapnots, markers tabl es and comments
  • Laptop portable or stationary platforms – For portable or fixed location requirements

Expand your view

  • 32-channel multimodality EEG, EP and EMG monitoring. Assess multiple at-risk neural structures simultaneously for more complete neurological protection.
    • EP. Selectively import baselines from the current or previous test. Display a mini-stack of replications or baseline history. Absolute and relative trending any EP marker.
    • EMG. Display free-running and triggered EMG traces simultaneously and in a stacked format. Built-in speaker for audible EMG or signal triggered tones with automatic ESU muting. Save and playback free-running EMG audio.
    • EEG. Raw and processed EEG. Stacked and CSA, DSA or CDSA spectral displays. Quantified EEG measures of burst suppression, power, amplitude, spectral edge, peak frequency, asymmetry and coherence in user-defined bands.
  • More channels. 32 channels provide more recording sites and reduces test times.
  • More Sets. 16 Sets provide flexibility for more complex test protocols.
  • More information. Built-in support for two pulse oximeters, provide oxygen saturation and heart rate measures. Import and trend vital signs and simultaneously display surgeon’s microscope and patient camera views.
  • Multiple views. Trace, Stack, Spectral, Trend and Numeric windows. Resize or zoom any window. Windows are user-definable for layout and content.
  • Multitasking power. Monitor and review data on the same screen simultaneously. Save and print test results at the same time without loss of data.

Transcranial Doppler Modality 

  • Synchronous Transcranial Doppler. Syncronous TCD and neurological recoding and playback.
  • Monitor neurological and vascular structures. Simultaneous recording of EP, EMG EMG and TCD

Advanced Stimulation Modes and Built-in TCeMEP 

  • TCeMEP Stimulation Mode - Built-in fast and slow charge, constant voltage stimulator with adjustable train parameters. Double train stimulation with independent train settings improves response amplitude under anesthesia. Quantify MEP responses with area-under-the-curve measurements.
  • Stimulus interleaving. Interleave up to 16 stimuli to increase monitored pathways and reduce test time. Trigger using single, pair or train formats.
  • Electrical. 16 independent high-level, constant current/voltage outputs. Separate, low-level output for direct nerve stimulation. On-screen readout of patient current. Small, lightweight extension modules can be placed at the patient location.
  • Auditory. Insert earphones provide a source of click or tone stimulation.
  • Visual. High-intensity LED goggles provide a bright flash for VEP monitoring
  • External. External stimulators are easily accommodated.


Automated Pedicle Screw Integity Mode 

  • Automated testing. Automated evaluation of pedicle screw placement.
  • Displays. Free running and stimulus trigerred EMG. Large easy to read display of measured current and test results
  • Audible indicators. Voice and tone indication of test progress and results.
  • Reports. Automatically generated report includes levels tested and test results.

Simple to Operate 

  • Notebook-style interface. Easy to use yet flexible enough for experienced personnel. Quickly change settings on-the-fly without interrupting monitoring
  • Click and run. Customize standard tests to suit your needs.
  • Confusion-free windows layout. Displays are logically organized automatically by modality and site using non-overlapping windows for enhanced readability.
  • Easy set-up. Robust, easy attach/detach connectors speed set-up and enhance reliability.
  • Resume after fault. Recover data and quickly resume monitoring after power failure.

Powerful Remote Monitoring and Data Review 

  • Automatic Data Saves. All data is saved automatically or manually.
  • Simultaneous review while monitoring. Review, save or print reports while monitoring. Search saved data by time, comment or event markers.
  • Remote monitoring. Simultaneous, multiple site remote monitoring and review via network, Internet or modem. Manipulate data and print reports at the remote location.
  • Network Ready. Copy patient data and standard tests to and from network server.
  • Printed reports. Detailed reports contain all waveforms, comments and vital signs trends. Print or email reports in PDF or HTML format.
  • Export Data. Export data HL-7 or ASCII format to third party database or spreadsheet applications.

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